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As a school we work on the fundamental principle that if the 3Rs are in place with consistency, then this gives us the best chance of successfully engaging students in learning. We believe that routines, relationships, and responses are the elements that underpin and stabilize all people allowing them to self-regulate and engage positively in aspects of their life whether that be school, work or their personal life. Specifically, the formation of healthy relationships is the basis of positive engagement, good behaviour management, and effective learning. 


  • We aim to establish, maintain and model routines.

  • We promote positive and appropriate responses to both positive and negative situations.

  • Staff are calm and considered            in response to behaviour.

  • Well-planned, engaging and differentiated lessons are crucial elements of good practice.

  • Environment is key with each classroom having a familiar feel.

  • Students feel safe when boundaries are in place.

Teachers won't hold grudges

and always give second


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