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Students are offered a variety of academic and SEMH (Social, Emotional & Mental Health) interventions based on their individual needs. Each intervention has a distinct purpose and works towards specific targets or outcomes. Interventions are provided on a weekly basis 1:1 with a member of staff. On occasion, small group interventions are provided if necessary. 

Academic Interventions

Our academic interventions focus on English and Maths. However, if there is a particular area of difficulty we will support these needs accordingly. In addition, an intervention can be provided to challenge and stretch any pupils talented in a specific subject.

Music sessions are provided by the Schools' Music Service and students have the opportunity to learn a number of instruments and work towards graded certificates. 

SEMH Interventions

Not only do we care about the students academic progress, we also take great value in their mental health and wellbeing. As a result we hold weekly student coaching slots for every young person which aims to promote self-esteem, resilience and confidence. They also provide students with a safe place to talk. Progress is monitored using the Skills Identification Checklist annually. 


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- HMI, 2019

A transformational change to the

 culture & practice of supporting students 

in Guernsey with SEMH issues.

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