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During P.E lessons we aim to give students exposure to a variety of different sports. We believe that if each student leaves school with one physical activity they want to continue or have a keen interest in, then we have been successful.

At KS2 there is a specific focus on the fundamental movement skills. We believe these are the key foundations to be a successful athlete later in life:

  • Stability - e.g. bending, stretching, twisting 

  • Movement skills - e.g. walking, running, jumping

  • Manipulative skills - e.g. throwing and catching 

At KS3, the students experience a variety of sports that might not have previously been available to them. This includes tennis, athletics, fencing, badminton, rugby, volleyball, football, gym, health-related fitness and basketball. There are a number of topics the students will be learning via different sports including: 

  • Strategies and tactics

  • Techniques

  • Health and safety

  • Anatomy and physiology

  • Rules and regulations


At KS4 we build upon prior learnt knowledge towards one of the 3 pathways appropriate for the learners.

Pathway A: Year 10 & 11 - iGCSE Physical Education

Pathway B: Year 10 & 11 - Cambridge Technical in Sport Level 2 

Pathway C: Year 10 & 11 - BTEC Introduction to Sport Level 1 

In addition, we also offer extra-curricular sports clubs including basketball and gym club.


Going to the gym in P.E has

helped to develop my

health & stamina.

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