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At Les Voies we endeavour to make Science as 'hands on' as possible and provide all our students with opportunities to explore and investigate the scientific world around them. 

By providing practical experiences, we ensure they learn the Big Picture skills of planning, conducting and evaluating. We encourage the students to plan and carry out their own scientific enquiries as well as teaching them so that their subject knowledge is developed. We have a fully equipped Science laboratory where lessons take place.

The Science curriculum has been designed with the support of At KS3, the fundamentals of scientific enquiry (Physics, Biology and Chemistry) are sequenced to ensure that there is meaning between each of these main learning areas.

At KS4 there are multiple pathways for qualification to ensure success, no matter a student's starting point.


Pathway A: Year 10 & 11 - Science Double Award


Pathway B: Year 10 & 11 - Entry Level 1/2/3 Award in Science 


They kill that negativity with positivity. There are children coming out with a smile.’

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