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School success goes hand in hand with good attendance.

As a parent or carer, it is possible to plan ahead in order to limit your child's absences. Make school attendance a priority, and help your child from falling behind. You can do this in the following ways. Click the arrows for more information.

Help your child get to school on time every day. 

Coming to school late will make your child late for tutor group and may make it difficult for them to settle in the first lesson. Teach your child how to set and use an alarm clock, giving them age appropriate responsibility. 

Follow the school's guidelines.

Please ensure that you contact the school office on 01481 220721 or e-mail to advise of the reason for absence. Depending on the circumstance for absence, our Behaviour & Attendance Lead may get back to you to discuss further.

Take an active role.

Stay involved and interested in your child's experiences at school by asking how the school day went. Maintain regular communication with your child’s teacher and get to know your child’s friends.

Discover sources of anxiety.

If your child appears upset or reluctant to go to school and cannot tell you why, make an appointment with their teacher to talk about possible sources of anxiety.

Keep updated on school events and announcements.

Read the school website for any information or events taking place so that you can stay informed and be involved. 

Avoid medical appointments during school hours.

Only allow your child to stay home in the case of contagious or severe illnesses.

Set regular bedtime and morning routines.

Ensure your child goes to bed at a reasonable time. Most young people will need approximately 8 – 9 hours sleep each night. Getting enough sleep will help them get up on time, be refreshed in the morning, and feel ready for a full day of learning ahead!

Promote good health.

Make sure that your child eats a balanced diet and takes part in regular exercise.

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It's important to come to school on

time everyday so we've had our breakfast & we have plenty of energy to keep us going until break!

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