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Here at Les Voies, students have a variety of exposure to different areas in Computing in order to equip them with skills, knowledge and resources essential for the modern work environment. This also helps students to become informed, responsible and engaged members of society. 

The curriculum has been designed to ensure that learners have the essential knowledge across a broad range of topics and projects to be successful with technology. Theses are underpinned in the following three areas:


  1. Computer science 

  2. Information technology

  3. Digital Literacy 

Each term, the students will also learn online safety topics that include:

  • Online bullying 

  • Online relationships

  • Online reputation

  • Self-image and identity

  • Health and wellbeing and lifestyle 

  • Privacy and security 

At KS4 there are multiple pathways for qualification to ensure success, no matter a student's starting point. 

Pathway A: Year 10 & 11 - IT User Skills & Enterprise (ITQ) Level 2 plus exam


Pathway B: Year 10 & 11 - IT User Skills & Enterprise (ITQ) Level 1 

At KS4 students will continue to study across a broad range of topics. These will include:


  • Website design

  • Game making software 

  • Design software 

  • Desktop Publishing 

  • Audio technology

  • Improving productivity

I.C.T involves me so I

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