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Mathematical competence is the foundation for being able to lead an autonomous and rewarding adult life. Being mathematical means being able to overcome challenges and navigate through life with purpose. All children have the potential to become mathematical and to leave school intellectually equipped to be successful.


The Maths Curriculum at Les Voies is designed to ensure that all students have the basic mathematical concepts they need to be able to succeed and progress on their journey. We aim to make Maths as engaging and useful as possible for our students, whilst recognising the different ways in which students learn.  


We aim to identify the strengths and areas for development of students so that we can build confidence and competence before entering any exam.  


At KS4 there are multiple pathways for qualification to ensure success, no matter a student's starting point. This is achieved by using the 'iGCSE Edexcel Mathematics syllabus' and creating lessons which will interest and inspire young learners. Students at Les Voies also have the opportunity to undertake 'Edexcel Maths Functional Skills' qualifications from Year 9 onwards.


Even though I don't like maths, I try

in lessons because we have

a good teacher.

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