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Good health and wellbeing is essential for successful learning and development in children and young people. At Les Voies, we recognise the value of this and offer regular student coaching, SEMH interventions and health & wellbeing slots in order to help our students develop the knowledge and skills they need for positive emotional, social and physical health.  

The school believes, it is the shared responsibility of everyone who has contact with children and young people to create this supportive environment to aid learning and foster good health and wellbeing. This in turn promotes confidence, independent thinking and positive attitudes and dispositions. 

In addition to regular intervention/coaching slots, Les Voies have a dedicated Pastoral team which includes:

  • School Counsellor 

  • ELSA


  • Behaviour and Attendance Lead

An Educational Psychologist and School Nurse also provide sessions with students where necessary. We also have a number of staff members trained as Youth Mental Health First Aiders.

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I get to have a 1:1 gym session.

It's laid back and not

competitive which I like!

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