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Here at Les Voies, students have a variety of exposure to different areas in I.C.T in order to equip them with skills needed for the modern work environment.


At KS3, students follow a thematic curriculum across subject areas. This academic year, students have focused on hardware, viral content, website design, and desktop publishing. At KS4 students are entered into either the 'Level 1 or Level 2 QCF IT Users' qualification. Students will complete a written exam upon completion of their coursework. This covers a wide range of units including desktop publishing, computer-aided design and website design. 

Across the school, students will use 'Google Apps for Education' where they will be given access to a Google Drive account and G-mail to support their learning.


Check out the videos below to see what KS3 have been up to:

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All Videos

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I.C.T involves me so I

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