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Religious, Personal, Social and Emotional Health Education (R.P.S.H.E) provides students with the knowledge to understand and make informed decisions in order to live a safe, healthy and well-balanced life.

It is important and necessary for students to learn about the different issues which arise and become a barrier to healthy physical, emotional and academic development. P.S.H.E provides students an opportunity to work on their intra-personal skills (e.g. setting personal goals), and inter-personal skills (e.g. active listening and empathy) whilst developing resilience, tolerance, respect and curiosity. This is achieved through inspiring lessons which encourage debate, team-work and reflection in addition to regular guest speakers. 

R.P.SH.E lessons cover a broad range of topics which include:

  • Physical health & wellbeing - healthy eating & misuse of drugs and alcohol

  • Personal hygiene

  • Emotions and signs of poor mental health

  • Positive and healthy relationships

  • Discrimination and bullying 

P.S.H.E is fun because it's

all about conversation.

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