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Les Voies School is committed to offering all our learners the best opportunities in life that will give them an advantage when they move into higher education and employment. We value student’s opinions and have an ethos that promotes pupil voice and a sense of a positive, safe, vibrant school community. 


At Les Voies we believe that success needs to be ‘value led’ and geared to what the students value. We tailor our curriculum and lessons accordingly to promote positive engagement in learning.  We believe all of our students should experience and celebrate success from an early age and ensure all areas of study lead to accreditation.

Take a look at our values below:


My family are happy now

because of this school and

I am less stressed.

Students that feel safe, valued, cared for and successful tend to respond in a more positive and appropriate way.

The school follows the UN ‘Convention on the Rights of the Child’.

Students that are treated consistently begin to trust in a predictable environment, enabling them to take risks in their learning.

A positive school ethos promotes the enhancement of students' self-esteem which is beneficial to teaching and learning. 

Good discipline can be clear and firm, yet supportive.

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